Horrific evil

Horrific evil

This is beyond description: global trafficking of children in the sex trade.

The bits about Interpol agent David Race Bannon (wasn’t that a cartoon character?) seem almost fantastic. He was supposedly a member of a secret team of Interpol agents who had a license to kill those who trafficked in children. He’s apparently remorseful and he says something similar to what I have previously written about the unfortunate tendency to characterize those who commit monstrous sin as being monsters themselves, rather than a sinful human beings.

“People ask me so frequently how I could possibly feel guilty about killing this filth killing this filthesses it, it is suppressed. Nobody can force him to set up a parish or assign a priest to it. In the end, these people either decide to remain Catholic or end up in schism; there’s no middle ground.

It looks like they’re headed for schism. Just look at these excerpts from the article.

They have switched the church utilities over to the name of one of the parishioners to avoid having them shut off by the archdiocese.

... “The end will be our choice, not the archdiocese,” said Fiona Keating of Sudbury, a preschool teacher with three children, who plans to take part in the vigil. “We’re not done with the building yet. I don’t feel that was our last service.”