Another non-Catholic defender of the Church

Another non-Catholic defender of the Church

So far in the past three weeks, we’ve had three (female) Catholic opinion columnists publishing in Boston’s two major newspapers full-throated screeds against the Church for daring to claim to teach immutable truth. On the other hand, the strongest defense of the Church has come from two non-Catholic male columnists. I noted Jeff Jacoby last week, and yesterday it was Joe Fitzgerald in the Boston Herald. (Subscriber only, sorry.)

Joe’s not Catholic, but he’s a friend to the Church and her teaching. He takes a very strong tack against the “hypocrites” who are attacking the Catholic Church.

Isn’t it odd that those who’ve long clamored for the church to be separated from the state now claim to be offended when the former refuses to be governed by the latter?

Hypocrisy is nothing new to this crowd, but surely this takes the cake.

The Catholic Church, in its understanding of Biblical injunctions, announced it will not sponsor or sanction the adopting of children by homosexual couples. There’s nothing complicated about that position.

Hypocrites quickly forgave Clinton, but not the Church

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Domenico Bettinelli