Another Iraqi bishop’s view

Another Iraqi bishop’s view

Looks like all the Iraqi bishops are getting interviewed these days. This one is Bishop Rabban Al-Qas, the Chaldean bishop of Amadiyah. He says he’s grateful to the US for liberation from Saddam, saying the past year was a time when the “new Iraq was rising from the ashes.”

He says that the Western media has been unjust and biased. “It has focused only on the dark side, on terrorism, killings, car bombs, the cruel images of decapitation. ... The press has been backward-looking focusing on the negative side of the situation, never talking about the positive things the former provisional council did and the present interim government is doing.”

He adds: “Regardless of what some may say, something new is sprouting here, a democracy, young, but real, and in need of help. Regardless of what many Europeans may think or argue, as an Iraqi I believe that we shall always be grateful to the US for our liberation. I say it as an Iraqi, as a Kurd, as a Catholic bishop. Our people were saved and can now hope in a better future.”