Anglican-Catholic agreement on Mary

Anglican-Catholic agreement on Mary

The official Anglican-Catholic dialogue body has issued a document saying that the Marian dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption are consonant with the Bible. That’s significant in a way, although it still needs approval from the Vatican and the Anglican Communion. On the one hand, Anglicanism is not monolithic and thus the decision of one commission is certainly not binding on the whole Anglican Communion. Certainly we’ve seen over the past couple of years how fractured the Communion really is.

However, it does lead the way in showing Protestants that Catholic teaching really is logical and reconcilable to the Bible and history. This is what ecumenism is supposed to be about, helping non-Catholic Christians to better understand the truth of Catholic belief.

It’s not like this was a great leap. I seem to recall that there have long been Anglican churches named after the Assumption, so there might have a predisposition to agreement. Still, it’s a beginning on the road to unity.

Now, there are two caveats: (1) This is one document produced by one commission and has no greater weight than that and (2) I have not read the actual document so I don’t know exactly what it says.

  • I am not too optimistic.. it looks like Anglican bishops are already saying crazy things (if this report is to be believed and he was correctly quoted in context)

    From the Ottawa Citizen today:

    Anglican Bishop Baycroft said Anglicans never disagreed with the Catholic teaching of Mary’s role as “Theotokos,” Greek for “God-Bearer.”

    “Jesus had to be God. He has to be fully human and fully divine. Mary’s got to be involved in it, in order for him to be human.”

    However, as the Vatican’s enforcer of doctrine, Pope Benedict XVI “was very clear,” said Bishop Baycroft.

    This is all private revelation (about Mary) that nobody has to believe. If it helps people that feel it, that’s good; it brings them closer to Christ. … She’s not taking you away from Christ,” said Bishop Baycroft.

  • After a mere 40 years this is great progress.  Now all that needs to be ironed out are a few minor issues like priestesses, married clergy (some are even married to women) and the fact that the Queen Mum is a biggie in their hierarchy.

  • The ARCIC comes up with a statement at just about the time B16 is in delicate talks with the Anglican Communion—400,000 faithful, 200 priests, 40 Bishops, who are very close to swimming the Tiber.

    Just a co-incidence, of course.

  • The Pope is already in contact with the 400 thousand who are contemplating swimming the Tiber and leaving behind Price Charles and Rowan Williams (aka Hairy Liberal.)

    Hopefully this document will grease the skids for their abandment of the Church of England…THAT is the purpose of ecumenism…

    What we need is more respect for the Jews (our cousins) , conciliation toward the Orthodox (our other lung), and rigorous orthodoxy toward the Protestants (our miscreant little brothers).