And so it begins

And so it begins

Two Chicago homosexuals went to San Francisco and had one of those illegal weddings. Now they’ve gone home and want spousal benefits. One of them presented his marriage license to his employer and asked for family health coverage. His employer, Dean Foods, told him to take a hike. Now these guys express shock and dismay.

For one thing, their “marriage” isn’t even legal in California, never mind Illinois. For another thing, for these guys to express shock about it is disingenuous.  What we’re seeing is the first salvo in the war started by San Francisco, and it’s only going to get worse when gay marriages start in Massachusetts. Homosexuals from all over the country are going to get married and go home and start challenging governments and companies to recognize their marriages. Some will, some won’t, we’ll have a huge patchwork of competing regulations and the lawsuits will begin. Activist judges in other states will finally get their chance to do in their states what judges did in Massachusetts, and it may even get to the Supreme Court.

That is unless the federal marriage amendment gets passed first. Folks, we’ve entered the next great battle of the culture wars. Roe v. Wade started the last one and the Vermont Supreme Court started this one.

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  • I say it because it isn’t legal anywhere in the country, at least until May 19. No law has been passed to create such a thing. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman and to set up anything else as marriage will require an act of the legislature, or apparently a court order.

    In addition, what they’ve done in California is alter the marriage licenses, which is illegal, and ignored the voter-approved referendum passed recently.

    Something doesn’t become illegal only after a court says it is. That’s the thinking of those who beieve in judicial activism.