…“and other young men”

…“and other young men”

Diogenes has been following the case of Jonathan Wessner who was murdered on Cape Cod, allegedly by Paul Nolin who supposedly had a sexual relationship with at least one priest there and some kind of relationship with a second.

Anyway, Diogenes found a Cape Cod Times article that had this off-hand remark:

[Father] Turlick allegedly introduced Nolin and other young men to [Father] Kelly.

People have talked about a network of gay priests sharing lovers and protecting one another. Some people pass it off as a crackpot conspiracy theory. I’m not so sure.

Turlick was a psychologist for convicts at an institution for the sexually dangerous. Seems like a perfect job for a guy who wants to find “new blood”. (We’ve seen at least one other case of a priest bedding convicts: Fr. Jon Martin in Middleton, Mass, allegedly had sex in his rectory with inmates on work release from Middleton Jail while his youth minister was molesting the kids of the parish.)

Put the details we know together and a framework is beginning to emerge. What else will be revealed?

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