And now for something completely geeky

And now for something completely geeky

Bet you didn’t know that I’m a geeked out Trekkie. Yep, I’ve watched all the movies and series and liked them all. Coincidentally, like a journalists, I’m a frustrated novelist. And so I’ve combined my interests and have written several Star Trek-related stories. They’re not the usual Trek fan fiction. While they take place in the Trek universe, they are completely original stories, with all original characters and situations.

I’ve actually had some good reaction to the stories, and was recently interviewed by the Trek Writer’s Guild. I thought some people might like to check it out.

  • But what happened to the President?  Did they blow’em out of the sky?  Was Earth destroyed?  Did the rest of Advance Sergeant Carls squad hear about the attack on Earth while they were sitting on their thumbs 1000’s of light years away somewhere near Skylon 4?  Did they get their reassignment orders to plant trees on Trion12 when the peace treaty was signed?  Were they now ready to get back into the swing of things?  Will we ever know?  Was Carl’s true affection really to Laurie’s twin sister Kelly who is an aid to the President aboard that submarine?  Can anyone answer any of this????

  • JAB,

    Is that an invitation to write the end of the story? Use your imagination. smile


    There are Catholics, although not explicitly so, in the sense that they ruminate about theological matters or pray the rosary. Rather, the characters (at least the human ones) behave according to a Christian moral code In fact, I’m a little dissatisfied by the way I handled the one explicit religious dialogue in one of my stories.

    I would like to explore Catholicism in the Trek universe. I once read a short story in which the Pope visits his childhood friend Captain Picard (or Kirk, I can’t remember) aboard his ship. Interesting.

  • Dom, there’s a book written by a former Catholic (she converted to a Jew) who wrote a sort of interesting story of life found on another planet called “The Sparrow”.

    Characters include a Catholic priest, a Vatican official.  I think it could make an interesting film.