An interview of Fr. Joseph Fessio

An interview of Fr. Joseph Fessio

The National Catholic Register has a brief interview with my publisher, Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, on his vocation, the priestly vocation in general, and other related topics. It’s a nice way to get to know him beyond the typical stuff about his relationship with Pope Benedict, his founding of the Ignatius Institute and Ignatius Press, and Ave Maria University. I particularly liked the following quote:

Looking back on my life’s path, I see that I was born to be a Jesuit. My personality, my temperament, my way of thinking and acting are just something that is very consistent with the classical image of the Jesuit: you know, tall, thin, dark, kind of foreboding. Not all are that way, but that certainly fits the image.

Tall, think, dark, kind of foreboding: Pretty much describes him to a T when you meet him in person. He’s a nice guy, but like most men who have accomplished much in life, he’s intense, but in a good way.