An ineffectual bishop, a defiant priest, out with the whole lot

An ineffectual bishop, a defiant priest, out with the whole lot

Remember this guy? Fr. Justin Lucio of the Dallas diocese was revealed in an expose in the Dallas Morning News in January to be running his own little kingdom in the diocese, making scads of money from a “charity,” living with another man, sexual accusations made against him, and so on. Six months later the diocese had done nothing, claiming that nothing could be done since Lucio’s charity wasn’t official diocesan charity. Nevermind that Lucio is a diocesan priest under obedience to Bishop Charles Grahmann.

Now the diocese has taken some action, ineffectual as it is. He’s had his stipend from the diocese cut off (never mind that he’s been receiving thousands of dollars a month from the “charity”). And he was asked to “retire,” although what that exactly means isn’t clear. He hasn’t been assigned to a parish for over ten years after he was accused of pressuring immigrant Mexican men for sex. He sued the guy who accused, but dropped the suit when Lucio admitted during the trial that he had handled men’s genitals for “health reasons.” Right.

The diocese says Lucio’s not supposed to be celebrating Mass, but Lucio said he was never told that. I think that he was told not to have a public ministry after the sex flap. Convenient amnesia. He also claims that he’s spending $2,000 a month for his health care over and above what the charity’s health insurance provides.

He says he will continue to defy the bishop and refuse to obey his orders. What is the diocese pussyfooting around for? If this guy had abused a 14-year-old boy instead of post-adolescent men, he’d be out on the street, laicized. Why the kid gloves?

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