An I-told-you-so moment

An I-told-you-so moment

Okay, I’m going to engage in a little I-told-you-so. A few weeks ago, when Cardinal McCarrick first came out with his “interpretation” of Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter, Catholic World News reported that Ratzinger had waded into the debate in favor of denying Communion. But based on what McCarrick said, other news services, including the New York Times and Catholic News Service gave a more muddled view. Other news services, including the Australian site Cathnews took CWN to task for misrepresenting Ratzinger. (The original form of the story was much harsher on CWN.)

Now that the real text of the letter is now public and we see that Ratzinger was indeed in agreement with Burke and not McCarrick, CWN is vindicated. I just wanted to make that was on the record. smile

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  • Good for CWN.  Media sources which have integrity grow over time.  Those which do not diminish.