Americans first, Catholics second; pro-abortion most of all

Americans first, Catholics second; pro-abortion most of all

James Taranto of Best of the Web Today also notes the 18 Catholic Democrats outraged that Pope Benedict would dare tell them how to be good Catholics.

What a delightful display of arrogance. […]

Of course, what they are really doing is defying the pope’s authority, as leader of the Catholic Church, to make and enforce pronouncements about the obligations of a Catholic. In no way does this offend American pluralism. Pluralism allows for a variety of views on abortion and other subjects, and American politicians are free to follow or reject the teachings of their church, as they see fit.

What these congressmen […] are saying is that at least when it comes to abortion, they are liberals first and Catholics second. That probably reflects their constituents’ priorities, and it’s totally kosher from the standpoint of American political values. But it’s a bit much for them to demand the pope’s blessing.

Which is about what I said about this yesterday.

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Domenico Bettinelli