American bishop under arrest

American bishop under arrest

A group of pro-Saddam—oops!—anti-war protesters arrested in front of the White House yesterday included Detroit auxiliary bishop Thomas Gumbleton. With the resignation last year of Archbishop Rembert Weakland, Gumbleton is now probably the most heterodox bishop in the country. He has consistently undermined the Church’s teachings on a whole host of issues, including homosexuality and a celibate, a male priesthood. He’s also endeavored to give aid and comfort to the enemy over the past decade, traveling to Iraq several times to spread Saddam’s propaganda that it was UN sanctions killing Iraqis rather than Saddam’s diversion of funds from the Food for Oil program to weapons production and the building of dozens of new palaces. That’s why this picture is such a welcome sight. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


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Domenico Bettinelli