Amazon: from manufacturing to delivery?

Amazon: from manufacturing to delivery?

Awhile ago, I asked a question on about how much of an average residential UPS or Fedex truck was Amazon packages, but no one could give an authoritative answer, but I have long suspected that it's at least half. But as Amazon sucks up more and more of the delivery services' capacity, it's beginning to make sense for them to take care of that job too in some places.

In a public interview at this year’s Code Conference put on by Recode, tech journalist Walt Mossberg asked Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos about the growth of white Amazon vans in some metropolitan areas, and specifically about whether Amazon wants to replace existing delivery services.

“We will take all the capacity that the U.S. Postal Service can give us and that UPS can give us and we still need to supplement it,” Bezos explained.

Apparently, the Christmas 2013 disaster when so many Amazon packages were late was the real turning point.

Maybe I need to think about selling my UPS stock.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli