Always our predictable liberals

Always our predictable liberals

“Always Our Children” was the pathetic document put out by a committee of the USCCB (but created by the staff bureaucracy in reality and without the okay of most bishops) that so watered-down Church teaching on homosexuality as to undermine what the Church really teaches. What we have on this web page is the recommendations for implementing Always Our Children in parishes as produced by the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministers. (Couldn’t they find a more pompous title?)

There’s lots of happy talk about inclusion and feelings and safe places and rainbow pins and homophobia and so on. Notice what you won’t see. That’s right, not a single word about the Church’s actual teachings on homosexuality or her call to chastity. Want to guess where the NACDLGM stands on that?

  • You jump from the USCCB to the link for the website, so for a moment I thought it was the USCCB’s website.

    You seem to confuse this organization with something that acutally matters.  Any nut can put out a website with any baloney they want, that doesn’t make it valid.

  • NACDLGM has managed to advise Catholics how to respond to the problem of same-sex attraction without even one mention of Courage/EnCourage which is the only organization that has received the approval of the Holy See! Anyone interested in what this approved way of Courage has to say can access Courage through its website:  The founder and director of Courage,Fr. John Harvey, is presently on sabattical leave while he writes a new book. Fr. Lloyd is acting director in his place. There is a wealth of information both from Fr. Harvey’s books and articles(including a response to Always Our Children), as well as many articles by Fr. Lloyd and members of Courage. The Newsletters are very insightful esp. the testimony of people who have prayed for and received the grace to live in a chaste manner for the sake of the Kingdom of God!!!
    Apparently NACDLGM doesn’t believe that this is possible;thereby, they deny the grace of the Sacrifice on the Cross and the Ressurection! How sad that they have no hope.

  • JimC,

    Sorry for being unclear in my structure, but NALDGM is not just a bunch of nutjobs. They are employees of variuous dioceses, hired by bishops to run “gay/lesbian” ministries. That gives them authority, power, and prestige as they represent their bosses, the individual bishops. That’s what makes them dangerous.

  • Bishops have got to see the confusion out here in the ranks of the laity over Catholic teachings.

    I’m certain they’re working on clearing up these issues. I’m certain. (Now does that please all the “happy” people?)

    Now, for the realists: the bishops must start doing the job that is entrusted to them by Christ. They must teach the Truth with clarity. (Me=realist. I see the fallout all over the place of watered- down teaching; kids that do not have the slightest idea of the beauty and truths of the Catholic faith).

  • Dom –

    Well, I guess that makes a difference.

    I’m a self-educated Catholic in that I read the Bible and the CCC.  I thought that it was just my parish that was watered-down, non-committal, a little lefty.

    I was glad to be a Catholic because of the official positions I read in the CCC.  The main stream media’s derision of the Catholic Church just confirmed that the Church was on the right track.

    But after visiting websites full of information of the way the US Church really acts, I wonder where is the true Catholic Church in America?

    There has got to be a point where we stop complaining and do something, ultimately voting with our feet.

  • JimC,

    Contrary to logic, despite the way it may seem, the true Church is the one in union with the Pope, the one with the Seven Sacraments, the one with the Eucharist. The nice thing is that in the diversity of the Church, you can always find a place for yourself.

    If none of the regular Latin-rite Novus Ordo parishes are your taste, then see if there’s a Tridentine-rite parish in your area. Or maybe one of the Eastern rites, like the Maronites or Ukrainians.

    The Church is where Christ is. All the rest of it is fallen human nature. Don’t give up hope for the Church. She has always been full of sinful men. Now isn’t any different.

  • Jim,

    If you mean leaving the Church, don’t.  There is no place else to go.  The church has the words of everlasting life.

    If you mean finding a more decent Catholic liturgy or a more faithful Catholic parish, by all means—go down the road and check out the next Catholic parish. 

    But don’t leave.  I’m a convert and I can tell you for sure, there is nothing out there worth trading Catholicism for.

  • Jim –

    Re-read Dom’s post. There’s a spot for you …leaving the lefty/apostsate parish is most important and joining a good one is most important, for you, your family and the Church.

  • Hi, I’m just wondering why people take the Pope’s words as if he were God Himself, not just about homosexuality but on a bunch of other topics as well.  If the Pope is indeed infallible like God, then why the complicity by inaction during the Holocaust?  The fact that he apologized to Jews on behalf of the RCC meant that he made a mistake.  I just caution people to be true to Christ’s teachings, rather than follow Church dogma of ex cathedra.

  • You have a misunderstanding about the doctrine of papal infallibility. First, the Church does not teach that the Pope is “infallible like God.” To be brief, the Holy Spirit protects the ChurchCDATA[

    Well when the pope speaks from the throne, it’s supposed to be God speaking through him right?  I’m not talking about the pope’s personal sin necessarily.  If the pope was wrong about the earth being the center of the universe, then how do we know for sure the pope is right or wrong on controversial issues like homosexuality and abortion?  If the pope is apologizing for the inactions of collective Catholics, he’s apologizing for the Church’s inactions then.  The Church is made up of its people.  In any event, the pope as the Church’s leader should himself have said something more strongly to condemn the Holocaust, definitely more than what it is currently saying about homosexuality.  Church dogma used to include the earth being the center of the universe too, but Christ didn’t say anything about astronomy in the Gospel.

  • Well when the pope speaks from the throne, itor_email>
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    *What* studied neutrality??  They may study something but they aren’t neutral, not by a long shot.

    Sounds like one of those “I’m sorry I got caught” things to me.  Kids are too smart to be dragged around by some lunatic baby boomer in his twilight years.