Allen handicaps the [i]papabile[/i] race

Allen handicaps the [i]papabile[/i] race

John Allen handicaps the campaign for Pope. It’s not bad, but of course, his roots at the National Catholic Reporter show through in his classification of the four types of cardinals in the college. I think his divisions are artificial and a little too simplistic, especially his characterizations of the conservatives, as well as that of the implementation of the Second Vatican Council as a “moderate-to-progressive” project. It isn’t. The rest of us want to see the authentic reforms advanced and it’s the false “spirit of Vatican II” reforms that we oppose.

I don’t dispute Allen’s three top picks, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone that completely goes against all the experts’ picks: I think he might be relatively young, white, European, and completely orthodox. We’ll see eventually.

  • Both Cardinal Schoenborn and Cardinal Scola are pastoral, intellectual, charismatic, have language strong language skills.  Here in Europe, the new ecclesial movements are producing many adherents and vocations.  They are common sense Catholics who have much to contribute to Catholicism which is why they are developing at such a rapid rate and which is why the Cardinal defended them.  I am talking about Communion and Liberation, Focolari et al.  Cardinal Scola is very probable for the papacy in my opinion because I think that the Italians won’t want to make a habit out of having foreign born popes. BUT, the Holy Spirit will have his say too.  I guess you all know that despite Cardinal Schoenborn’s mother tongue as German, he wrote the Catechism of the Catholic Church in the original French?

    Best regards, G

  • Guilio,

    The Italians may want an Italian as pope, but I don’t think they have the votes to ensure that. Consider the following geographical distribution: The 135 cardinal-electors come from 59 different countries. Yes, Italy still has the highest representation at 23, but consider the US has 11, followed by Spain (8), Brazil and Germany (6), Poland and France (5). While just about half are from Europe, that’s no guarantee they want an Italian either.

    I’m also a little surprised by your comment.  Why should the Supreme Pontiff of the universal Church be an Italian? In days past when communication and travel were more difficult I could see reasons for that, but is there something more than sentiment that makes you prefer an Italian in the post?