All those VOTF members

All those VOTF members

You know all those news stories where Voice of the Faithful claims it has 25,000 (or 30,000—depends on which story you’re reading) members? The same number they claimed to have way back in the summer of 2002 when they first formed? I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the number is somewhat less. Carol McKinley reveals the totals of VOTF’s first national election for officers and only 1,100 people voted. And it wasn’t even that difficult to register! All you had to do was go to this page and sign up online and you could vote. Of course, you have to give all kinds of revealing information about yourself, including annual income, but still, you’d think that if VOTF had 30,000 members, more than 3 percent of them would vote in their national elections.

As I’ve said before, this is a group that is fading away. Eventually it will be just like “Catholics” for a Free Choice—an organization whose membership consists entirely of the group’s officers.