All I want for Christmas is a schismatic parish

All I want for Christmas is a schismatic parish

About 1,500 people attended Christmas Eve Mass at the schismatic St. Stanislaus parish in St. Louis, many of them from out of town. Disobeying a lawful and moral order of their bishop, even as the schismatic priest Marek Bozek acknowledges the licitness of that order, they have placed themselves outside of communion with the Church. Archbishop Ray Burke correctly warned them that participation would be a mortal sin. Lord have mercy on them.  The comments of those who attended are telling.

“It was magic,” said JoAnne La Sala of St. Louis, who described herself as a lapsed Catholic. “You could feel the spirit of the people.”

No kidding. It may have been the “spirit of the people,” but it wasn’t the Holy Spirit. Interesting also that from all appearances these aren’t devout Catholics, but in many cases are lapsed Catholics who have an axe to grind against the Church and have latched on to this cause to grind it. In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch we learn:

Nonparishioners made up the bulk of Saturday night’s congregants. Catholics Joy and John Eritreo drove from Ellisville to be there. “We wanted to support the parishioners” in their dispute with Burke, she said.

Revelations about Bozek

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