Alas, there goes our shot at fame

Alas, there goes our shot at fame

A week ago or so, I received an email from a “Today Show” producer asking me if I wanted to be on the show. Did they want me for my punditry on all things Catholic? Uh no.

They were doing a spot on people who use their iPods instead of DJs at their weddings. He’d seen my posting on the subject and wanted us to come on and talk about it. I said, sure we would. Okay, so we’d have to get up early for the drive into their studio in Boston (he didn’t say they’d want us in New York, but…?), yet it would be worth it.

However, after he asked whether we had video of the reception and I confessed that our video was in rough shape (my camera was going south and I didn’t know it), I never heard from him again. Too bad! I definitely would have finagled Isabella onto the show with us and given all of America a glimpse at her cuteness.

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  • Same happene to me, Dom.

    I was stationed in Berlin (Deutschland) as a Captain in the Army.  The wall had just fallen, and I had organized some relief supplies to come in on the trains I was responsible for.  I received a call from a CNN correspondent who wanted to be there the next morning when they arrived (see, the passengers all chipped in and loaded the train, as we had no real freight cars), and interview me and the NCOIC of the train. live, as the train was being unloaded.

    So, the next morning I’m there at 5:30am in BDU’s (my boss shows up in his dress uniform – uninvited), but low and behold, no CNN camera crew.  Never heard another word…

    I’ve come to believe a potential national broadcast is not worth getting excited about.