Airline bans stewardess from carrying Bible into Saudi Arabia

Airline bans stewardess from carrying Bible into Saudi Arabia

“Stewardess ‘banned from taking bible on plane’”

An air stewardess is claiming religious discrimination against an airline which she says banned her from taking the Bible to Saudi Arabia.

The stewardess has been told by BMI that it is against the law of the insular Middle Eastern country to bring in religious books other than the Koran.

The woman, who is understood to be a committed Christian, takes her bible everywhere she goes and is now set to take the airline to an industrial tribunal claiming discrimination on religious grounds.

BMI, formerly British Midland Airways, said today it was merely following the Foreign Office advice that no non-Islamic materials or artefacts are allowed into the country.

A spokesman from the airline said: “We issue advice to all our staff and passengers that these are the guidelines.

I don’t know if this is a clear cut case of religious discrimination, at least by the airline. I think they’re trying to obey the laws of the country in which they’re operating. If there’s an objection it should be against Saudi Arabia’s religious persecution of non-Islamic people, including Christians.

Of course, I do wonder how the airline is supposed to know if the stewardess (the Brits are so un-PC sometimes) has her personal Bible on her. Are they checking the passengers’ and crews’ luggage for contraband religious material? Or is the stewardess making a spectacle over this?

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  • Since it is the Saudis who are financing so many of the mosques and Islamic Centers around the world maybe someday a courageous city or town permit board will refuse permits for such enterprises until the Saudis start treating Christians fairly. Locally, it is amazing how many types of conditions are put on people who want to construct things including recreating elsewhere wetlands a project might impinge upon.

  • My initial thought was, “Why not change her route?”

    Then I realized she is giving a more powerful witness by staying on this route.  If people are offended by the mere presence of a book, then I know with whom the problem lies.

  • Having lived in Saudi Arabia for 18 months I know that they are checking the stewardess’s luggage. Everything going into the country is checked. We had a Christmas tree seized. Friends had statues from Rome taken. One friend had pork recipes ripped out of her cookbooks.

    Sharia law reigns and anything Christian is forbidden- Rosary beads, Bibles, religious images, statues, etc.

    They used to be more lenient w/ the British Air attendants but it’s Ramadan and the Saudis are posturing- as usual.

  • 1. Yes it is against the law of Saudia Arabia to bring into the country a Bible
    2. This lady has told everyone who will listen that she takes her Mom’s bible everywhere
    3. This lady is not working the route into Saudi or any other arabic country
    4. The Unions are backing her ‘case’
    5. Yes, she is posturing and so is the union
    6. She gets no sympathy here