Ain’t no anti-hunting namby-pamby

Ain’t no anti-hunting namby-pamby

Sernadeer Since some folks thought my complaint about seeing deer being killed on a restaurant TV while having breakfast with my nieces was a symptom of some kind of East Coast yuppie liberal sissiness on my part, this photo and story should dispel. It comes courtesy of Fr. J. Patrick Serna, a priest of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, (on the left holding the Mannlicher BRNO chambered in .308; a parishioner is on his right.) Here’s the story of the pile of ... unprocessed venison behind him:

This last harvest of 30 deer, shown in my pickup bed (Feb.13, 2007), is currently being processed and packaged into hamburger and steaks for orphans which are taken care of by the nuns about 15 miles away from my parish (in Calallen).  Correct, it is no longer deer season for regular hunters.  However, on large ranches the State Game & Fish department requires that X number of does and cull bucks be harvested, usually in February, according to different formulae set down by the biologists.  This helps improve the health and genetics of the herd.  So… the month of February is a special time for sniping hombres to take care of this situation.

Nacho Libre had to wrestle to help out the orphans… I, Fr. Patrick,do my small part by hunting in order to help out the orphans !

I send this to hunters, non-hunters who have no objection to hunting, and I am also sending this to anti hunters.  Please read this little reflection below:

If you eat hamburgers, if you eat out at restaurants and order any kind of meat in the form of sausage, ribs, steak, and so on, then this is how it got to your plate:


p id="subhead">How meat gets to your plate

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  • sernadeer1.jpg: Fr. J. Patrick Serna | Copyright by owner. Used with permission.
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Domenico Bettinelli