Advice for the president

Advice for the president

Peggy Noonan, with both eloquence and brilliance, gives some advice to President GW Bush on how he should make the case against Iraq in his State of the Union tomorrow. Peggy’s no slouch in the speech department; she wrote some of Ronald Reagan’s best speeches. The most interesting tidbit in the column:

    Four months ago a friend who had recently met with the president on other business reported to me that in conversation the president had said that he has been having some trouble sleeping, and that when he awakes in the morning the first thing he often thinks is: I wonder if this is the day Saddam will do it.

    “Do what exactly?” I asked my friend. He told me he understood the president to be saying that he wonders if this will be the day Saddam launches a terror attack here, on American soil.

That’s something new. As Peggy points out, I don’t think the president has said anything in public about Saddam having the capability to launch a terror attack on US soil or there being any imminent danger of it. If that’s the case, I hope the president spells it out tomorrow, along with any other information that will convince people that Saddam has WMDs, is prepared to use them, wants to use them against the US, supports terrorism, and so on. The sooner the world is rid of another megalomaniac mass-murderer the better.

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Domenico Bettinelli