Accusations against Fr. Jozo

Accusations against Fr. Jozo

I’ve read the article in The Wanderer alleging that Fr. Jozo Zovko, the Franciscan priest from Medjugorje, has been suspended from ministry because of accusations of sex abuse and that despite this he is on a speaking tour of the US. The credibility of the accusations took a hit, in my view, when the article claimed that Fr. Jozo was suspended by his provincial in Bosnia, when I have seen a copy of a recent letter from his provincial stating that he is a Franciscan in good standing with no restrictions on his ministry. There were also some other claims about things going on in Medjugorje that I have a hard time believing. While I’ve never been there, I know many, many people who have and none of them have reported the lurid scenes that are alleged to have taken place. What I do know is that more than a few people who have had major faith experiences there and because of the place—miraculous healings, radical conversions, and the like.

Just as some claim that there is a major industry fleecing Medjugorje pilgrim-tourists, there is also a small cadre of folks with a very strong animus against the place as well. (I’m not sure why.) That said, I take the accusations against Fr. Jozo with a very large grain of salt, realizing I still don’t have the whole picture. Take from this what you will.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli