Abortion forces attack abstinence-only education

Abortion forces attack abstinence-only education

Earlier this month, the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health awarded a 16-month contract to A Women’s Concern, a group of non-profit pregnancy help centers that are doing excellent work in Massachusetts, to “provide high quality, medically accurate, developmentally age-appropriate, research-based abstinence education to 12-14 year old youth in public and private schools.” It is a federally funded, competitively bid grant restricted to abstinence-only programs.

I’m sure you know how that was received by the pro-abortion lobby. Planned Parenthood has arranged for its slaves in the Legislature to propose a budget amendment that would prohibit in-classroom abstinence programs. Every pro-life Massachusetts voter needs to contact their state representatives to demand they oppose House budget amendment #219. The forces of Moloch claim that abstinence education is imposition of religion, which we know is bunk. It can be defended on purely natural law grounds.

Here’s what the defenders of the abstinence-only education say about it:

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