Abortion forces attack abstinence-only education

Abortion forces attack abstinence-only education

Earlier this month, the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health awarded a 16-month contract to A Women’s Concern, a group of non-profit pregnancy help centers that are doing excellent work in Massachusetts, to “provide high quality, medically accurate, developmentally age-appropriate, research-based abstinence education to 12-14 year old youth in public and private schools.” It is a federally funded, competitively bid grant restricted to abstinence-only programs.

I’m sure you know how that was received by the pro-abortion lobby. Planned Parenthood has arranged for its slaves in the Legislature to propose a budget amendment that would prohibit in-classroom abstinence programs. Every pro-life Massachusetts voter needs to contact their state representatives to demand they oppose House budget amendment #219. The forces of Moloch claim that abstinence education is imposition of religion, which we know is bunk. It can be defended on purely natural law grounds.

Here’s what the defenders of the abstinence-only education say about it:

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • So we’re essentially to the point where anything that is good can be attacked as religious-based if someone has a problem with it.  If there was a buck to be made from starving the poor to death, they’d be closing down food pantries.

  • Hi Dom,

    I taught 8th grade CCD for years, and it was amazing how little these kids had ever been taught about the respect they themselves were due as human beings. To give them the simple message that “you are not an object to be used for someone else’s pleasure” – how on earth is that bad? Suddenly chastity is “religious”, because why? Because they can’t tell the difference between living a chaste life and a celibate life? (maybe because both words start with a “c”???) Teaching these kids abstinence starts from the simple point of teaching these kids self-respect and respect for the person they claim to have as their beloved. If you love someone, you don’t treat them like an object you use to satisfy yourself at your own whim. Nevermind that you don’t lead them into sin. Ya, I know, a secular class couldn’t handle that concept. But they sure can handle the idea of date-rape, and not being emotionally mature, and treating people like glorified sex-toys, and teaching what truly cherishing the one you love is all about! What’s so wrong about that? The kids eat it up! I never had a kid, ever give me a bit of trouble about any of these ideas. They get it! It’s the adults that don’t seem to have a clue….

  • I wish someone told me what an abnormal pap smear was and its consequences in sex ed. Note: My pap smears are nomral. But the truth is sex education consisted of a condom on a cumcuber and being told it is natural to do as you please as long as you are “safe”. Never mind the psychological, emotional, and yes health consequences of casual sexual behavior including serial monogamy.

    I have many peers who are confused, because they aren’t sluts and never hooked up but have suffered STDs and “baggage” from being sexual active in more then several serial monogous relationships starting in their teens into their late 20’s.