Abandoned baby given decent burial

Abandoned baby given decent burial

This is a sad story of a baby abandoned to die. What makes it so tragic is that it just doesn’t have to happen. Even worse, pro-abortionists will use it to claim a need for even wider access to abortion.

On June 1, a janitor at Brighton (Mass.) High School found the body of dead baby girl in a bathroom. The Boston Globe chooses to call her “an abandoned female fetus.” But this baby was delivered. This child, who wasn’t full-term, was not simply a mass of cells or whatever other euphemism they would choose. What this reveals is that the use of the term “fetus” has nothing to do with science, as pro-aborts claim, but is purely ideological, meant to identify any child unwanted by her mother, to de-humanize them and make the discarding of them less callous. It’s designed to numb the conscience.

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald gives us more of the story and, not incidentally, calls her “a stillborn baby.” The janitor who discovered her named the baby Frances Hope, and she is being buried today in a plot donated by the Archdiocese of Boston.

Brighton High custodian Kevin Mojave thinks about that baby every single day of his life, how fragile and defenseless the tiny thing was, discarded like trash inside a toilet in a girls’ bathroom.

But since June 1, when he found the baby while cleaning restrooms after school, his anger at the baby’s mother has subsided into a sympathy he was slow to understand.

“God knows what was going through her head to be brought to a point in life where she felt that was her only option,” he said yesterday. “That must be a horrible place to be.”

Of course, it wasn’t her only option, and I don’t mean abortion or even the Baby Safe Haven law that allows mothers to drop off newborns less than 7 days old at a fire station, police station, or hospital. There are also crisis pregnancy centers who would do whatever it takes to help the mother do the right thing by her child.

The mother hasn’t been identified, but you also don’t hear a thing about the father. Was he another student or, as happens so often in teen pregnancy, an older man? What kind of pressure was the girl facing? When I’ve prayed outside abortion clinics, whenever I’ve seen young women entering they usually look reluctant and they’re usually accompanied by their father or boyfriend, firmly leading them in, once even dragging her in. It’s the “pro-choice” myth.

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