A tortured jackass of a man

A tortured jackass of a man

Ted Turner is not one of my favorite people. Besides his mocking and blasphemy against Christianity, he is a top supporter of international population control (i.e. abortion and birth control) and even once said that he regretted having five kids, because that’s too many for any family to have. (“Gee, thanks Dad.”)

And now Rod Dreher has has written a story about Turner, aka “The Mouth from the South.” What I take away from the story is a sense that Turner is like a scared and angry child. He’s angry at God for the pain he suffered, yet scared God won’t love him anyway. So he’s constantly torn in two directions from fear to anger and that may be why he’s constantly attacking religion, and especially that of his upbringing, Christianity, and then apologizing later, almost sincerely.

Despite his billions, I wouldn’t trade places with him. For all his worldly success and power, I pity the man. And I’ll pray for him.

(Thanks to Mark Shea for the link.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli