A “smart” phone would vibrate when I want it to and ring when I don’t

A “smart” phone would vibrate when I want it to and ring when I don’t

One feature I wish my cell phone had (or any cell phone for that matter; I’ve never heard of one with it) is the ability to change settings based on time and date.

More specifically, I wish I could tell it to be in vibrate mode Monday through Friday during work hours and on Sunday mornings during Mass. The rest of the time it should ring normally unless I deliberately switch it.

I don’t think I’m asking too much. After all, nearly every cell phone now has a built-in calendar, an alarm clock, and accurate time and date set by the network.

The reason I want such a feature is because I don’t want my “La donna mobile” ringtone to play while I’m in a meeting at work, but when I’m in the car or when it’s on my desk at home, I can’t tell it’s vibrating. Worse, when Isabella gets her hands on it and leaves it under the couch, I want to be able to hear it ringing when I go looking for it.

Such a simple thing: you wonder that there aren’t any engineers at Nokia or Motorola or RIM or even Apple who have the same problem. (Even Apple? Maybe they’ll get it into iPhone 2.0.)