A “smart” phone would vibrate when I want it to and ring when I don’t

A “smart” phone would vibrate when I want it to and ring when I don’t

One feature I wish my cell phone had (or any cell phone for that matter; I’ve never heard of one with it) is the ability to change settings based on time and date.

More specifically, I wish I could tell it to be in vibrate mode Monday through Friday during work hours and on Sunday mornings during Mass. The rest of the time it should ring normally unless I deliberately switch it.

I don’t think I’m asking too much. After all, nearly every cell phone now has a built-in calendar, an alarm clock, and accurate time and date set by the network.

The reason I want such a feature is because I don’t want my “La donna mobile” ringtone to play while I’m in a meeting at work, but when I’m in the car or when it’s on my desk at home, I can’t tell it’s vibrating. Worse, when Isabella gets her hands on it and leaves it under the couch, I want to be able to hear it ringing when I go looking for it.

Such a simple thing: you wonder that there aren’t any engineers at Nokia or Motorola or RIM or even Apple who have the same problem. (Even Apple? Maybe they’ll get it into iPhone 2.0.)

  • That would be a fabulous feature!  I know I’d use it.  I just checked my Smartphone (T-mobile Wing) and it does not exist on that phone.  But maybe if I get my teenage son to investigate the phone further, he’ll find it!

  • Oh my lord. You mean you can’t reach into your pocket or cell phone case, work the little buttons on the side and either put it on vibrate? Ok, you have me for the times it gets lost-it would be nice to know the volume will be up soon.

    But really, going into a meeting, you can’t check it?

    I’m just asking the question…

  • No little buttons on the side. The profile is changed by the menus. Even then the little buttons drive me crazy because if it’s in my pocket, something will press the button and it will start beeping. So I lock the buttons.

    And I do check it before going into work or Mass. But I don’t always remember. I shouldn’t have to remember.

    Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Having to remember to manipulate yet another gizmo is not easier.

    This isn’t rocket science. It would seem straightforward for it to keep track and set itself according to the schedule I set for it.

  • I would really like this feature as well. We are not allowed to let our phones ring at work. But leaving it on vibrate, I often miss calls and also can’t use calling it to find it (or to find my pocketbook…).  But if I switch it to ring, I am afraid that I will forget to turn it back, and it will ring at work and I’ll get in trouble. And it is very inconvenient to change it, as well, through a whole series of menu options.

    This would be an easy feature for them to add.