A sad and pathetic case in Cleveland

A sad and pathetic case in Cleveland

Other people have pointed to this one, but in case you haven’t seen it, here’s an article about a gay priest, his revelations of the gay network within the priesthood, and a connection to child sexual abuse. [Caution: there is rough language and graphic descriptions in the article.]

Right off the bat, we hear the description of a gay bar and what a gay sheriff’s deputy overheard.

Waiting for his beer, he overheard a pale, white-haired man tell another patron, “There is nothing built like a 15-year-old boy.” The man continued to talk in strikingly vivid terms about his appreciation for boys, mentioning that he had recently taken one out on his boat. Burkhart didn’t think much of it. He often heard this kind of loose talk at gay bars—especially when gymnasts were on TV. It wasn’t much different from straight men lusting after Britney Spears.

Exactly what I’ve been saying for months. (If you hadn’t guessed, the speaker was a priest.) All this time, the gay-friendly media have been saying that the Scandal of clergy sex abuse is an issue of pedophilia, which has nothing to do with homosexuality. But here we have an admission from the other side that what we have is gay men lusting after young men, like a straight man lusting after a young woman. A 30-year-old guy checking out a 15-year-old girl may be a creep, but he’s not a pedophile. And a 30-year-old guy checking a 15-year-old boy isn’t a pedophile either. He’s gay.

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Domenico Bettinelli