A response to CSI’s abortion propaganda

A response to CSI’s abortion propaganda

Melanie and I watched CSI last night and it was a blatant Hollywood swipe at pro-lifers. The story was about a loony Christian virgin who adopted an IVF embryo and gave birth to him. She died, and in the course of investigating the oh-so-hip-and-cool CSI women show up at the pro-life group that makes the adoptions. Predictably, the pro-lifers were mean, nasty, and ignorant, while the CSIs were intelligent and had all the snappy answers that could not be refuted. Never mind that their supposed historical and theological pro-abortion arguments are the same, old bunk.

Melanie fumed at it because of the misinformation it puts in people’s mind, but I said, “A few years ago, I’d be pretty mad too, but now I know that there are a dozen bloggers rushing to their computers at this moment to write devastating refutations of the illogical and idiotic propaganda foisted on us by the Left Coast elites.

Lo and behold, Gerald Augustinus proves my point. He executes a masterful takedown of CSI’s pro-abortion drivel. After all, why should a “pro-choicer” oppose a woman’s choice to give birth to an unwanted child? How does that have anything to do with a “woman’s right to choose”? Someone should email the CSI writers and producers a clue.

The cultural elites no longer have a monopoly on information flow to the masses. Oh sure, how many people of the massive CSI audience will actually see one of those blogs? Not many. But the tide is shifting and eventually people will get to hear it all, not just the one-sided claptrap disguised as entertainment.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli