Turf battles between Swiss Guard and Vatican police

Turf battles between Swiss Guard and Vatican police

The Swiss Guard and the Vatican police are tussling for preeminence at the Vatican. The Swiss Guard are celebrating their 500th anniversary this year. They also have a new German Pope at a time when most of the Guard is German speaking. Perhaps they are finding this a good time to expand their role to overcome the blow to morale and prestige that began when a corporal in the Guard murdered the commandant and the commandant’s wife in 1998.

Whatever the reason, the Guard wants to expand to 130 from its current level of 110 blood? I just know it is. Don’t tell me there’s no blood! I’m sure I see it.”

Now the priest had to apologize at Mass, the diocese is investigating and the local health department is screening kids for communicable diseases. Give me a break. Welcome to the Oprah-ized, hypochondriac, hair-trigger generation.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli