A persistent gay myth

A persistent gay myth

I keep hearing over and over again, in relation to the rumored forthcoming document from the Vatican on gay seminarians, that there are many excellent chaste gay priests in the Church. Really? And how would anyone know?

Even the president of the US bishops’ conference, Bishop William Skylstad, says so:

There are many wonderful and excellent priests in the Church who have a gay orientation, are chaste and celibate, and are very effective ministers of the Gospel.

But if these guys are chaste and celibate, how does anyone know their sexual orientation? Do these guys go around trumpeting their sexuality to all they come in contact with? To put it another way, if a guy is celibate and chaste then sexual orientation is irrelevant; a healthy priest does not talk about his sexual orientation with others. That’s precisely the problem with homosexuality; that as a pathology it is not a healthy mindset, that it is both narcissistic and seeks acceptance and, yes, affirmation from others. Homosexiality is insecure and that’s why gays make such a big deal about coming out of the closet and demanding societal acceptance.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli