A new theological twist

A new theological twist

In order to really screw up your faith, you have to be a theologian or professor of Christian studies. To wit, Bernadette Brooten, professor of Christian studies at Brandeis University and director of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project (of course she is), who is a bit confused about who Jesus is, never mind about heterosexuality, in her complaints about the new Instruction on gays in seminary.

Now we see that being a man alone isn’t enough. The priest also has to be a real man. He has to be heterosexual in order to function as a head of the congregation and as a bridegroom of the church. Yes, heterosexual and male, but also celibate, while living with other male priests - a tall order. In a new theological twist, Jesus was not only celibate but also heterosexual.

Can you spot the two problems in that paragraph? First she posits that it’s tough to remain a celibate, heterosexual male while living with other men? I’ve lived with other guys before, in college and after college, right up until I married Melanie. I can assure that it wasn’t tough remaining heterosexual. In fact, it was downright easy. (No offense to my former roommates. You’re all nice guys, but I don’t mosey on that side of the fence, if you know what I mean.)

The second, and perhaps even crazier, statement was that the fact that Jesus is heterosexual is “a new theological twist.” This is new? I think Bernadette should return her degrees to Harvard, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the University of Tubingen. She’s making a mockery of them.

Brooten’s background: connect the dots

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Domenico Bettinelli