A mother killed by abortion and silence from the media

A mother killed by abortion and silence from the media

Here’s a story you won’t see reported in the local Boston media. I only know about it because I saw a press release from Operation Rescue. A 22-year-old woman died in Hyannis, Mass., earlier this month during an allegedly botched abortion. The seemingly healthy young woman was 13 weeks pregnant when she went in and came out dead of a cardiac arrest. The abortionist is not forthcoming.

The fact that this young woman had led such a troubled life but seemed to be on a good path finally only adds to this tragedy.

Ten days after Laura’s death, Smith [the woman’s mother] met privately for one hour at a public place with Osathanondh [the abortionist]. He would only meet with Smith alone and refused to allow even allow her husband to accompany her. Osathanondh admitted that Laura died during the abortion but refused to admit he did anything wrong.

Smith told Operation Rescue that the details of her daughter’s death appalled and sickened her, but she could not discuss those details because she is seeking legal action against Osathanondh for killing her daughter.

“My daughter was 22, healthy, and alive when she walked into that clinic,” Smith said. “She didn’t even have a cold. There is no reason for her to be dead.”

Laura was born into abject poverty in Hondurus [sic] on May 25, 1985, and was abandoned at an orphanage. An American couple that adopted Laura abused her terribly and gave her up. Laura was then adopted by Tom and Eileen Smith, a Christian family that lovingly raised Laura in the Cape Cod community of Sandwich.

This is what so-called “choice” has wrought. There are many more botched abortions and abortion-related maternal deaths than the media reports (not to mention the obvious death toll for the aborted children), but whenever someone suggests holding abortionists even just to normal medical standards the pro-abortion crowd revs up to full screech mode.

You hear all the time about so-called “back-alley” abortions and the clothes hanger used as a symbol of women’s desperation before abortion was legalized, yet I wonder how the death toll of women under Roe v. Wade would compare with the death toll before it.

Please pray for this family and their lost daughter and grandchild. Already, one woman reports that she has decided not to go through with an abortion after hearing this story. God makes straight with crooked paths and may God make straight with this one. And may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.