A little religious education

A little religious education

Here are two examples of good parish religious education.

Last night at my parish, we had our Da Vinci Code discussion night. It was a good turnout for my parish, about 20 people. We watched the DVD provided by Ascension Press featuring a talk by Dr. Ted Sri and afterward I answered questions. Obviously, because of the sheer magnitude of errors, a one-hour video can’t answer them all, so I answered any extras people had. One thing that came up was that people said they need to learn the history of the Church, so we’re probably going to start a Church history class. If we phrase it as a kind of DVC discussion group, that might draw additional interest.

This morning, we had rehearsal for our First Communion tomorrow. We have a small class, so it wasn’t difficult. Once nice thing is that my pastor, Fr. Murphy, told them that since today is First Saturday, we would take a few minutes at the end to go in and pray before the Blessed Sacrament. I thought it particularly appropriate and my guess is that probably none of the parents, nevermind the kids, had been in adoration.

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