A lightning sale at the Apple Store

A lightning sale at the Apple Store

One of my siblings (they get annoyed when I identify them by name on the blog now for some reason) had a lightning bolt hit the telephone pole outside their house in the middle of the night last night. It fried their computer, the wireless router, and the DVD player, at least. Perhaps other stuff they haven’t found yet.

So today they were at the Apple Store buying replacement equipment (the homeowner’s insurance should cover most of it), but it could have been worse.

Their neighbor had everything single piece of electronic equipment blown out: plasma TV, home theater system, computers, everything. Ouch.

N.B. Great thing about the Apple Store. Bring in your old Mac and they’ll transfer all your data and applications to the new computer for you for a small fee. They’re doing it for my sibling even though the motherboard is fried by taking out the hard drive and putting it in an external case.

So now they replaced their several-years-old eMac with a new Mac mini running the latest OS and everything. Good for them.