A Jesuit bioethicist says Terri should die

A Jesuit bioethicist says Terri should die

Don’t you just love those Boston College Jesuits, working against us in all the important things? Fr. John Paris, SJ, professor of bioethics, gives an interview to Salon.com in which he says that Catholic moral teaching says that Terri Schiavo should die and that the “Christian right” is using her to advance their agenda. The stupidity of his statements is staggering.

He refers to Michael Schiavo as “a caring, loving spouse whose actions were in Terri’s best interests. Yes, he’s so caring that now he lives with another woman and has two children by her. If only all husbands were so caring to their wives. Paris also says that Terri’s parents and siblings are not her legitimate family, only Michael is. He says the case “has nothing to do with the sanctity of life,” but is about the Christian right’s assertion of power. That’s just a media myth. Several of the people arrested yesterday in civil disobedience acts are as liberal as you can get, as in people who protest at Ft. Benning’s School of the Americas.

Paris says, incomprehensibly that feeding tubes are extraordinary treatment and patently ignores the fact that the entirety of Michael’s case that Terri would want to die is based on an offhand remark he claims she once made after watching a TV program, a claim he didn’t made until years after the litigation over her fate began.

  • This whole case has brought on a special meaning to Holy Week for me. It is so barbaric, so shameful, that one cannot doubt the devil’s hand in the whole thing. To have a clown with a collar like Paris openly defy the Holy Father’s directive is a slap in the face to every pro-lifer. I would hope that the P-L groups in the Boston area scream for this priest’s head. Additionally, Paris must surely applying NBA criteria to the Schiavo’s ‘marriage’.

    Funny, we haven’t heard a peep from NOW or the rest of the radical hags, have we? Here is a blatant example of a ‘husband’ controlling his wife’s body and not a word of outrage from NOW? Where are you Steinem? Martha Burke? Hats off to Feminists for Life. Atleast they made a stand.

  • This is SO frustrating!  As usual, the liberals are accusing the Christian Right of what they themselves are doing, politicizing Terri’s situation.

    I’ve contributed to a forum on the Sojourners website (social justice bunch).  Of course, they all think Terri should be ‘allowed’ to die.  One guy even used the same argument that Fr. Paris used, about this life not being the end-all – the next life will be so much better (“So quit your damn whining about being starved to death!”)

    It really is mind-blowing how far off course we’ve gotten.  Logic and common sense are rare.  People who should know better don’t even know better anymore!

    I’m off to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

  • Fr. Paris came to Boston College from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he was know as “Pull-the-plug” Paris.

    Please note that in his picture he wears “civies,” which he always wore at Holy Cross and, presumably, wears at BC.  He only wore /wears clerical attire when he appears before legislative committees to testify in favor or “right-to-die” legislation, usually opposed by a lay representative from the local Catholic diocese or state conference, thus creating confusion in the minds of legislators of who speaks for the Church.

  • His picture looks like a mugshot.

    I guess Fr. Paris and his ilk are oblivious to the fact that Terri’s parents are begging anybody who cares to help them save her life?  They totally disregard the Schindlers’ wishes. 

    If it weren’t for the meddling of the Religious Right, the Schindlers would have held a pillow over her face years ago, right?

  • I had heard that they called him “Father Death” as his nickname. 

    Cardinal George spoke about Terri Schiavo last night at the Tenabrae service.  He spoke about the darkness of Holy Week and the darkness of the Tenabrae service.  How some people are totally blinded by darkness and can’t see anything.  And how other people seem to be able to see the world all the more clearly even in the darkness because of Christ’s glory.

    The Holy Father said that the Culture of Death has the effect of making people blind to the difference between good and evil and to the reality of sin and grace.  I don’t know of a better explanation of how two seemingly sane and intelligent people can look at the reality of the Schiavo case and come to such different and deeply felt conclusions.

    St. Maximillian Kolbe pray for Terri, and for us.

  • How far BC has fallen.

    With Fr. Lamb gone, there is no one – with the exception of Stephen Brown – orthodox left there. At all.

    Fr. Paris is clearly one of those Catholics whom Servais Pinckaers calls “secular Christians.”  Alas for an orthodox Catholic to be in the interview booth with him – and call him a material heretic to his face.

  • Well, they were suppressed in 1870 so by your dad’s reckoning they aren’t due…  however they were suppressed more or less every 30 years in France through the 1800’s so clearly they are Way Overdue.  And I say let’s make up for all the thirty year intervals we missed..wink

  • David, I’m not sure what you mean.  I read (part of) a biography of Louis Ruellan which suggested that in 1830, 1850 and 1870 the Jesuits had trouble in France and the reason the Fr. Ruellan ended up in ?Spokane? WA was that when the Jesuits were driven out in 1870 he chose to go there.  I admit the reading was sketchy so maybe they weren’t exactly suppressed.  Fine. I’ll settle for driving them out.

  • This song keeps coming to mind ever since I saw a close up of Michael Schiavo;  blue piercing eyes that are cold as a wedge and blue jeans.

    “Somebody’s knocking should I let him in? Lord it’s the devil would you look at him. Ive heard about him but I never dreamed he’d have blue eyes and blue jeans”

    As far as this “priest” Fr. Paris, he isn’t a Catholic, he just wears a costume! If I were God, and it is a good thing I am not, I would have flushed this toilet a long time ago. 

  • I think that we all know what a real Catholic Jesuit like Fr. Miceli would say about this situation.

    Poor St. Ignatius, he must be so sickened my this.

  • Another priest, Fr. Kevin McCormick an ethics prof. from Loyola spewed a lot of the same crap on MSNBC on the Abrams report on Wed. They played it again on Thurs. He was a guest along with Jesse Jackson and a southern Baptist minister. Bot Jackson and the other Minister said that starving Terri was wrong but the Catholic priest, McCormick argued in favor of removing her feeding tube. He even chuckled.

  • Maybe this is against blog rules (I’m new to this) but check out the second-to-last post on the Dom’s March 2 post, ‘Bishop Lynch speaks out’.  We have an interloper!  Thought some of you might enjoy opening up a can of whoop-a** on this clown.

  • Jane:

    The Jesuits were officially suppressed in the late 18th century. I know this because that’s about the time Georgetown University was established, and I remember reading that this took place during the time of their suppression—their regional difficulties in subsequent eras notwithstanding.

  • I think it’s time for the Jesuits to be disbanded. The order died years ago. It’s time to drive the stake through the smelly old zombie.

  • Amen, Jane. The Jesuit order is a rotting dinosaur and should be buried forever. 

    I once did a list of contributors to the current state of dissent, just for my own information—authors, lecturers, theologians.  You’d be shocked how many of them were Jesuits.  More Franciscans than I would have like to have seen, too, unfortunately.

  • I am sorry. I typed the wrong name in my 3/25 post. The priest from Loyola University on the Abrams Report was Fr. Kevin O’Rourke.
    I was probably thinking about the noted proportionalist, Fr. Richard McCormick. He was a moral ethicist also at Loyola/Chicago and a dissenter.