A Jesuit bioethicist says Terri should die

A Jesuit bioethicist says Terri should die

Don’t you just love those Boston College Jesuits, working against us in all the important things? Fr. John Paris, SJ, professor of bioethics, gives an interview to Salon.com in which he says that Catholic moral teaching says that Terri Schiavo should die and that the “Christian right” is using her to advance their agenda. The stupidity of his statements is staggering.

He refers to Michael Schiavo as “a caring, loving spouse whose actions were in Terri’s best interests. Yes, he’s so caring that now he lives with another woman and has two children by her. If only all husbands were so caring to their wives. Paris also says that Terri’s parents and siblings are not her legitimate family, only Michael is. He says the case “has nothing to do with the sanctity of life,” but is about the Christian right’s assertion of power. That’s just a media myth. Several of the people arrested yesterday in civil disobedience acts are as liberal as you can get, as in people who protest at Ft. Benning’s School of the Americas.

Paris says, incomprehensibly that feeding tubes are extraordinary treatment and patently ignores the fact that the entirety of Michael’s case that Terri would want to die is based on an offhand remark he claims she once made after watching a TV program, a claim he didn’t made until years after the litigation over her fate began.