A Hobbit mini-series

A Hobbit mini-series

Ian McKellen had such a good time playing Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings that he wants to make The Hobbit too.

Sir Ian is reluctant to give up the robes and pointy blue hat. In fact, he’s pushing for a serial version of The Hobbit to be made once the trilogy is finished. Jackson and the other LOTR writers have cited the long, meandering storyline of The Hobbit as a supreme challenge for a film, which is why McKellen thinks television is an appropriate medium. “I want to play Gandalf again, in The Hobbit. I’ve asked Peter Jackson if he’ll produce the prequel as a huge, yearlong television series. All those different strands to the story seem perfect for TV, and we’d do every scene of it. It could be marvelous.”

While it could be an expensive series, most of the set, costuming, and prop work have already been done. I think it would be great and possibly the most successful mini-series in history. People will eat it up. I hope they do it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli