A first-person view of the abortion march

A first-person view of the abortion march

Lest you continue to harbor any doubts that the march for abortion on Sunday was not so much about a right to choose as it is about a demand to kill, Annie of After Abortion recounts her experience as part of a counter-protest by a group of women who’ve had abortions and now regret it called “Silent No More.”

The March, in three words: “viciously, mercilessly abusive.” The amount of verbal aggression and abuse hurled at me personally, by women and men, of all ages, for carrying the I REGRET MY ABORTION sign, well, I thought that I was ready for it.

I wasn’t. Not even close.

I consider myself fairly far along on the “healing” and “public-appearances” scales. We stood, all 500 of us in the Silent No More Awareness groups, in total silence as planned, for over five hours, not replying or saying one word to anything that was said or done to us, and I do mean anything.

But nothing prepared me for literally mobs of livid people screaming the most hateful vicious snide things at me personally. We were spit on, and had an egg hurled at us from the marchers. There were two groups of Satanists. And the signs. Like the guy who held a handmade sign, “BABY KILLER” with an arrow pointed downward at himself. If not for the riot police, we would have been mobbed. There was that much viciousness. People broke through the riot police’s invisible line just to come up in my face and hurl insulting words. There were not enough police to form a complete line, so they would run up to me, shout out their abuse, and run back before the policeman or woman got to stop him/her. And I said nothing to anyone, just held my sign.

What is it that drives women (and some men) to such hatred for children, such hatred for their own fertility? It’s not just selfishness, it’s self-hatred on a massive scale.

  • Dom, if you didn’t see the answer to your question in Mel’s film, you should see it again.

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