A familiar place

A familiar place

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Boston Globe was probably exaggerating when it said Cardinal Law was seen dining with an American bishop in Rome in an “upscale hideaway.” My brother John reminded me that we had dinner in the same restaurant with the cardinal in 2000 during World Youth Day. (The Boston pilgrimage team was treated to dinner there along with Bishops Murphy and Allue and several priests including Father “Call me Walter” Cuenin.)

Restaurant Cecilia Metella is no “hideaway.” It is a very nice place on the main road up one of the hills of Rome, heading toward the Hyatt hotel I believe. It has a very dramatic veranda with a beautiful view. Here is photo of me and my friend Nicole standing on the patio of the restaurant. From that link you can see other pictures of the same trip, if you’re interested.

My point is that you should always take such “scenic details” in secular media reports with a grain of salt.

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Domenico Bettinelli