A curious fixation

A curious fixation

It seems Kevin Miller and Bill Cork have made it their mission to point out supposed errors made by the news service for which I work, Catholic World News. Why they feel the need to do this and have singled out CWN puzzles me. Maybe I should take it as a compliment. Maybe not. Anyway their latest complaint is the following (taken from Bill’s blog):

Kevin Miller catches CWNews in another error.
This story claims: “The Tridentine rite, also known as the Mass of St. Pius V, was the liturgical form used throughout the Catholic world prior to Vatican II.”  CWNews thereby writes Eastern-Rite Catholics right out of the Church.
Lawler should know better.

Of course, if you aren’t reading the line with a built-in prejudice for finding error, you’ll see that there is no error there. The sentence is inclusive, not exclusive. It doesn’t say anything about Eastern-rite Catholics, just that the Tridentine rite was the most common.

It would be no different if someone said, “English is the language used throughout the former British colonies.” Does that mean that there are no other languages used in those countries? No, just that English is the most common and the de facto standard. And if you’re going to claim that the Tridentine rite wasn’t used in traditionally Eastern-rite countries, don’t forget Latin-rite Catholics living in those countries. You don’t want to write them right out of the Church.

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Domenico Bettinelli