A continuing personal appeal and thank you

A continuing personal appeal and thank you

This blog entry will remain at the top of the page until the end of October. Page down to see the newest Bettnet entries posted after this one.

It’s been a week since I launched my personal appeal for donations and subscriptions to Bettnet to keep us going. You can read all about it at that link. I just wanted to thank those of you who’ve already donated and to remind everyone that there’s about a week left to take part. We’ve had good participation, but I’m hoping for another burst of subscribers and donors to really put us over the top. I’m ending this current appeal on October 31, although the subscription buttons will remain up through the year.

Someone made a good analogy about my appeal, comparing it to the PBS pledge drive. Just like with PBS you don’t have to give anything to keep getting all this great content, but if you do you’re ensuring that it will continue into the future, not to mention that nice warm glow you get from giving. smile A key difference, however, is the fact that I’m not double-dipping in your other pocket through government subsidies.

So thank you to all for your continued support. All the details on how to give are below the jump and you can also read the text of my original appeal, along with all the reasons for doing so, at that link right up there in the first paragraph.


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  • I hope you’ll forgive me for not ponying up last week—it’s been a long week of negotiations for my unit, and I’ve been a tad distracted.

    Hope things go better for you and yours.

  • No forgiveness needed, Dennis. Whatever people can do is great and if you can’t do anything right now, then prayers are good too. Heck, there are things I’d like to donate to right now that I can’t so I know how it feels.