A call for suggestions of history books

A call for suggestions of history books


Having just finished reading about the crusades, I realize my knowledge of European history, in general and in the medieval period in particular, has large gaps. I know British history best, primarily because of my reading various literature in English, but I’d love to spread my wings a bit.

Consider this an open request for suggestions of good books for popular consumption, both general surveys of medieval Europe, but also good books that focus on particular places or periods, like the Muslim conquest of Spain and their expulsion, or the Bourbon rulers of the Two Sicilies, or the history of the Holy Roman Empire or the like.

I know Warren Carroll has produced a massive multi-volume set on the history of Christendom, but I’m hoping for something that will help me dip my toe into the subject before I immerse myself in something that large.

Photo credit: Copyright Lars Aronsonn, 2005. Licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 1.0 license.