A boy, two women, and the supporter of dissenters

A boy, two women, and the supporter of dissenters

The New York Times offers a breathless profile of two lesbians, their adopted son, and the Catholic school that accepted them with no problem. It takes place in, where else, the Archdiocese of Boston.

The theme of the article is apparently that these two women chose to send the boy—who was unwanted by everyone else, which continues the meme of “gays will adopt unwanted children”—to a Catholic school, despite the Church’s offensive teaching. I guess one of the women didn’t see the irony in her statement: “They say, ‘A Catholic education is an advantage for life,’ and I agree. It helps develop a moral compass, a sense of right and wrong and how to treat people with respect.” Well, yeah, and part of that right and wrong is that homosexuality is wrong.

In the end, we hear lots about how “the Archdiocese of Boston” was okay with these women and their boy until the big, bad Vatican came along with its pronouncements on gay unions and gay adoptions and forced the archdiocese’s hand. In reality, it was particular people who had no problem, dissidents who disagreed with the Church’s teaching and undermined it in their work for the Church.

This is precisely why it is important for the Church to employ people who uphold the Church’s teachings. Otherwise, when they undermine those teachings, they give the message that this isn’t what the Church really believes, that this behavior is okay, that it’s all a convenient lie.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life: there’s not room for lies or dissent in there.

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Domenico Bettinelli