37 weeks and a good meal

37 weeks and a good meal

Melanie37Weeks As Melanie notes on her blog, Saturday marks 37 weeks of pregnancy. I took that photo this afternoon. Does she look 37 weeks pregnant? She’s so tall, her belly doesn’t stick out as much as I’ve seen on some women. From behind, you might not know she’s even pregnant. However, she swears she felt the baby drop into position on Sunday, so who knows how much time we have left. (Officially, the due date is May 13, but the statistics say only 5 percent of babies arrive on their due date.) I just told her that as long as it’s not this week, I’m okay with that since I have way to much work to do this week. So, hold it in or cross her legs or something. I’m just saying.

Sunday dinner and grilling in the rain

Melanie also mentions our dinner yesterday. She prepared a really nice Sunday dinner of a boneless leg of lamb prepared with a North African spice rub along with cabbage prepared according to an Indian recipe and some glazed carrots. We’re really making an effort at having a real sit-down Sunday dinner, which is ironic. During the week we don’t usually having a problem getting a nice sit-down dinner, but on Sunday we both usually konk-out in the afternoon and by dinnertime we’re both groggy and looking at leftovers. It’s probably because I’m usually up early on Sunday mornings to get to church before Mass and prepare the classrooms for religious education. Then I have to stick around for religious ed after Mass and then talk to parents and then lock up. By the time I’m starving for breakfast and then I want to crash in my chair to watch either the game or race of the day.

But I don’t want that to become the norm so we’re planning ahead. We picked up the lamb on Friday, and despite the rain yesterday I was able to grill it. I’m really happy I got the charcoal grill. There is a big difference between charcoal and propane; I can taste it. Controlling the coals is a little more work, but then that’s called cooking. And I’m getting the hang of timing the different cuts of meat. The steak tips I cooked when I first got it going we a little overcooked on the outside and a little raw on the inside, but since then it’s gotten better and better. The steaks on Saturday night were deee-licious! And the leg of lamb came out tender and juicy. It’s going to be a fun summer of grilling.

There’s just something nice about it too. I can stand out there, even in the drizzle, quiet and alone, watching the grill, maybe listening to some podcasts, drinking a Guinness. It’s very Zen.

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  • Stick with that weekday dinner plan even after your kids have a million places to go each evening.  That family time pays dividends not to be missed.  I’m a firm believer in putting a priority on it.

  • I strongly recommend you splurge on a grotesquely nice restaurant downtown. Sure you’ll celebrate and have romantic dinners again but far less carefree.

  • Actually, we’ve decided to start having lunch dates. Since I work from home and Melanie is home as well, we’re going to go out to nice places for lunch on occasion. Most places are a little more relaxed during the day, especially when you have a baby with you (especially if you time it for the baby’s nap.)

    We’ll see how this works.

    The other day we went out for Indian to our favorite local place.

  • And actually we calclated ovulation on May 13 based on the NFP charts and my ob calculated May 14 based on date of menstruation, so the estimate was pretty spot on in my case.

    I do find it reassuring, however, that most pregnancies which go well beyond their due date do so because the day was miscalculated. So I’m fairly confident that we won’t be waiting till the end of May.

    And Carrie, I completely agree with you about the importance of family meals. My mother had dinner on the table and we all sat down to eat together every night. Even if she had to run to choir practice, we would still have pizza or take out and sit down as a family, say grace, and eat before she had to run. There were maybe a handful of times when we didn’t have at least one main meal together. I’m firmly committed to continuing that with our family.

  • Both of you must be getting so excited anticipating this “coming out” party, no matter when it is.  And how conincidental the due date is right before Mother’s Day.  I pray you are treasuring this time.

  • I think the notion of a “due date” is society’s way of introducing you to a new reality—the baby is 100% organic and has no regard for clocks or calendars. Soon you’ll know that words like “dinnertime”, “bedtime” and “naptime” don’t refer to an appointment reminder on the schedule.

    Oh and there is no such thing as nighttime.

    My understanding was that due date is an average and that any time +/- 10 days is considered full term.

    And I meant that you should go out to dinner BEFORE the baby, to a place you wouldn’t dream of bringing children. It will be the last time for awhile and certainly the last time without thinking about how the baby/kids are doing or wrapping things up quickly to get back home, etc. Go out for the whole evening and dine.