30 ways to evangelize our families

30 ways to evangelize our families

My friend Paul sent me this link to a blog by A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, which gives “Easy Ways to Evangelize in Advent,” but most of the 30 different suggestions are good ideas for families any time of year.

We already do a few of these already, like “Pray every time a siren sounds” and “cross yourself when passing a church” and “say grace before every meal.” Others we don’t yet do, but sound like good ideas like “know your name-saint and celebrate his feast” and “check the liturgical calendar every day.” These sound like great ways for kids to become aware of the rhythm of the liturgical year and to become familiar with the rich tapestry of the saints.

Others are a bit more esoteric, like “eschew cultural corrosion” and “let your light shine before men.”

I’m going to save this and come back to it from time to time to add some of these points to our daily lives as Isabella (and our future children, God willing) gets old enough to appreciate them.

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  • Saint’s days are so easy, and so fun—it doesn’t have to involve a lot of work.  We celebrate saint’s days the way we celebrate other big feast days that aren’t also secular holidays: special dessert at dinnertime.  For things like the Immaculate Conception or St. Joseph, I (the cook) get to pick something.  Saint’s days, the “saintly” child gets to pick , which usually involves dashing into the supermarket for the requested flavor of ice cream.  The kids really look forward to it…

  • How about this: whenever alone (the T, in the grocery store, etc.) praying a Hail Mary for every person we pass, that God may draw that person closer to His Most Sacred Heart?

  • Arrange for a Mass to be celebrated on a family member’s Baptismal day…and treat it at least as joyfully or even more so than his or her birthday.

    (This presupposes: make sure every family member knows the date on which he was baptized.)