10 of 82 parishes fighting

10 of 82 parishes fighting

It looks like 10 of the 82 parishes slated for closure are appealing.Most are being faithful to their Catholic obligations and making their appeals in accord with canon law. Some have decided to appeal to nanny government and activist judges by filing civil suits.

Just look at the means these different parishes are using and ask yourself what the pastors have been teaching them all these years: “One parish, St. Albert the Great in Weymouth, has retained legal help and is nearing a decision to file a civil suit challenging the archdiocese’s plan to close the church. At another, St. Anselm in Sudbury, some parishioners want to buy the church building from the archdiocese and establish a new, unsanctioned worshiping community there.” Like I said below, welcome to the newest schismatic Protestant church.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli