Embrace the cross

Usually I don’t find much common ground with Boston Herald columnist Howard Manly but he’s right on in his latest piece. Addressing the Boston parish closings, Manly rejects many of the complaints being made and sees the root problems that many Catholics are ignoring. He cited Archbishop O’Malley’s speech in which he said the closings have more to do with preparing for the Church’s mission than with scandals.

More than anything else, it is that mission which is sorely being tested in these days of abortion rights, gay marriages, divorce and obsession with entertainment, sports and pleasure. The Catholic Church has remained steadfast in its refusal to bend to the will of popular culture and instead has held on to moral values conceived thousands of years ago. That message of God has attracted fewer adherents here in America, largely because of an overriding, uniquely American phenomenon of questioning everything, especially things that no one can see.

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